Davao Medical School Foundation: Most Trusted Philippines Medical College by Indian Students

Davao Medical School Foundation: Most Trusted Philippines Medical College by Indian Students

The Philippines is the hub of the most reputable and trusted medical colleges. One of such colleges is Davao Medical College Philippines, which was built to serve the rural communities. Moreover, the college has established itself as one of the reputed colleges in 60 years. No doubt, Indian students want to study here. 

This article will cover what makes Davao Medical School Foundation the most trusted MBBS college in Philippines by Indian students.

Davao Medical College Philippines – overview

Davao Medical School Foundation was established in July 1976. It was established to ensure medicinal facilities in the rural communities of the Philippines. The college provides high-quality education with hi-tech classrooms and laboratories. With an emphasis on health care, DMS aims to build a strong community of specialized doctors. 

The college is located on a 2.5-hectare site close to the center of Davao City, with a stable climate and peaceful environment. There are some 125 Faculty members drawn from a wide range of medical specialties. The total student population of all four years of students is usually around 1,058.

Davao Medical School Foundation is the top trusted MBBS college in the Philippines due to the following reasons:

High college ranking

Over the years, Davao Medical School Foundation has focused on providing excellent and quality education, making it one of the best MBBS colleges in the Philippines. As a result, the DMSF is ranked 6th among NMC approved Philippines Medical colleges. Besides, the college is also recognized by MCI. Such recognition and ranking make it an attractive college for MBBS by Indian students. 

Davao Medical School FoundationPhilippines rankingRank 6th
Davao Medical School Foundation world rankingRank 18214

80% FMGE clearance rate

One of the reasons why Indians prefer the Davao Medical School Foundation is its high FMGE clearance rate. In 2019, more than 200 students from DMSF secured an All India Rank in FMGE within the Top 100. In addition, from 2007-2019, the college recorded an average pass percentage of 84% at FMGE. In 2016 & 2017, 96.91% of DMSF students who appeared for FMGE cleared the examination compared to the pass percentage of 35%. 

The college, in collaboration with Transworld Educare, provides adequate training for FMGE preparation. As a result, they get both clinical and theoretical sets of knowledge. With an average of 80% clearance rate, DMSF has become an ideal choice for Indian students to build a comprehensive career. 

Affordable and quality education

Davao Medical College offers a quality education at a low tuition. The average college fee for one year is around 3,57,000Rs, and for the whole five years, it is 22,78,000Rs. In addition, the college also offers scholarships to the rank holders to attract talented medical aspirants. Such affordability makes Davao Medical School Foundation a recommended choice for Indian students. Moreover, DMSF strives to make education accessible for all students. 

World-class infrastructure

Davao Medical School Foundation has a modern, world-class infrastructure that makes it a top MBBS college in the Philippines. The DMSF has digitized classrooms, hi-tech laboratories for experiments and research. In addition, to assist students in their studies, colleges have a library with over 50,000 reading materials. Moreover, the colleges cover an extensive range of ⅖ hectares. 

  • Ultra-modern classrooms

All the classrooms have the following facilities to ensure a better learning experience:

● Each classroom has projectors to display images, videos, slides, etc., during the lectures.  These projectors create a more interactive session in the classroom.  

● Smartboards that help store data are also touch-enabled, so it becomes easy to operate them. 

● Air-conditioned rooms.

● Spacious rooms with proper ventilation.

  •  Hi-tech laboratory

The laboratories are vital to helping students learn medicinal terminologies by practical examples. The DMSF laboratory has modern equipment such as cadavers, anatomage, 3d simulation lab, etc. Besides, there are the latest microscopes, safety gadgets, operating devices. 


There are two libraries on the campus of Davao Medical School Foundation. The main library is located in the college’s administrative block, and the annex library is in the nursing department. The library is referred to as one of the most modern libraries in Asia.

The libraries consist of more than 50,000 reading materials. They include books, journals, research papers, and publications. Students can get access to all this material with their DMSF identity cards. In addition, an E-library facility with a computer is also available to access material quickly and in a hassle-free manner. 

Davao Medical School Foundation Hostel  Facilities

Living abroad while studying can seem daunting for Indian students. They need a secure and safe living space to focus on their studies. Thus, the Davao Medical School Foundation provides in-campus hostel accommodation. There are separate hostels for boys and girls, and each hostel is supervised by the warden and security guards 24*7. The hostels offer the following facilities to their residents: 

Indian warden

The Davao Medical School understands that students from India will feel safe and sound If they have someone from their country looking after them. That is why the hostel has an Indian warden for the students. With an Indian warden, students can feel comfortable and share their issues openly. This helps in creating a peaceful and cooperative environment.

Indian food prepared by Indian recipes        

The hostel provides Indian food, both veg, and non-veg, prepared by professional chefs and cooks. The chefs prepare to cook strictly by the Indian method to give them a taste of their country. The hostel food has a variety of Indian cuisines from the different corners of India. So, students from any region can enjoy the food. 

24X7 CCTV surveillance

The hostel building in Davao Medical College is covered with a CCTV camera, which provides 24*7 surveillance. It ensures the safety and security of each hostel resident. Moreover, the hostel staff is highly systematic in their duties and performs routine security with due diligence. Additionally, there are security guards at the hostel building entrance who guard the hostel building 24*7.

Cleaning and laundry services

The hostel has adequate housekeeping staff who clean the rooms and bathrooms on a routine basis. In addition, they ensure proper mopping of the corridors, kitchen, study hall, and all the hostel buildings to avoid viruses and harmful bacteria. The whole staff is friendly, and students can ask them for cleaning whenever they like to. 

Moreover, there is also a Laundromat adjacent to the hostel at an affordable cost for medical students. Thus, students can get their laundry done at a reasonable price.

Fully furnished and air-conditioned rooms

The hostel rooms are furnished with beds, study tables, cupboards, and attached bathroom facilities. In addition, there are both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms available. Thus, students can choose any room as per their preference. Also, students do not have to pay extra to avail air-conditioned rooms. Moreover, the single, double, and triple sharing rooms are available for students. 

Availability of RO drinking Water

The DMSF hostel provides clean and safe drinking water for its students. The hostel has RO drinking water purifiers that provide non-contaminated, nutrient-rich water 24*7. 

High-speed internet availability

The internet has become an indispensable part of a student’s educational journey. Medical students must have the internet to research, learn and access online study material. For this purpose, the hostel is equipped with High-speed Wi-Fi to reduce obstacles in students’ learning process. Moreover, students can get access to Wi-Fi passwords from the hostel warden.

Medical services

The DMSF hostel has professional medical staff who are available 24*7 to look after students. The medical team assists students during medical emergencies such as sickness, injury, etc. They ensure that the ward receives adequate care and medicines. Moreover, the medical staff also provides diet plans, emotional support, and counseling to students when they need it. The confidentiality of students is ensured so that students feel safe and comfortable sharing their problems.