Top Reasons Why Indian Students Prefer to Study MBBS in Philippines.

Top Reasons Why Indian Students Prefer to Study MBBS in Philippines.

Over the years, the Philippines has become an attractive destination for Indian medical students. Most medical aspirants prefer to study mbbs in Philippines as it has higher advantages compared to other countries offering medical education to Indian students. This is because the country has a literacy rate of 90%, indicating how valuable education is considered.

Moreover, the country is the hub of 40+ reputed medical colleges located in different parts. Each one of them aims to provide quality education and opportunities to Indian Medical aspirants. Hence, students get a broad scope to explore and decide their career options.

Here are the top reasons that make MBBS from the Philippines the preferable choice

MCI & WHO recognized medical institutes

Every Indian student wants to get their education from a reputed institute. In the medical field, there are esteemed bodies that offer recognition to medical colleges. They are the medical council of India and the World health organization. In the Philippines, over 40 colleges are MCI and WHO recognized. Some of them are the – Davao medical school foundation, Caragyan University, and UV Gullas College of Medicine. Such recognition and ranking make the Philippines an attractive destination for MBBS by Indian students.

Highest FMGE Passing Percentage

Study MBBS in Philippines has highest FMGE percentage

Medical Council of India Screening Test, also known as the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE), is a licensing exam conducted by the National Board of India (NBI). It is a compulsory exam for Indian students who want to practice medicine in India but got their MBBS degree abroad. Hence, every Indian student pursuing MBBS keeps FMGE at the top of their priority list. 

According to the National Board of Examination data, the Philippines had the highest percentage of 25.69% in FMGE from 2015-18. Hence, a High pass percentage attracts Indian students to get their MBBS from the Philippines. 

Moreover, such a high passing rate can also be due to the following four reasons:

  • FMGE based semester exams

Globally, MCI and WHO-recognized Medical Colleges in the Philippines conduct their semester exams in an MCQ pattern. They are similar to the MCI screening test conducted by the National Board of Examination. Such examination patterns help students prepare for the actual FMGE exam. Also, this is one of the reasons behind the high passing percentage of Philippines Medical Foreign Graduates.

  • Balanced curriculum: Theoretical and practical knowledge

The medical institutes in the Philippines have a well-strategized curriculum. They strike a balance between practical, theoretical knowledge to give clinical-based training. Such a comprehensive curriculum enhances a student’s problem-solving skills. Hence, it gives an edge over the others when it comes to MCI/FMGE. 

  • Experienced faculty

All the MBBS colleges in the Philippines have experienced faculty that assist the students in their FMGE preparation. The specialized staff offers the correct input and motivation to the students.  

  • Coaching classes by Transworld Educare Pvt. Ltd.

For better preparation, colleges in the Philippines have a tie-up with coaching centers such as Transworld Educare Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the most prestigious coaching centers that offer FMGR training. They train and prepare students on different aspects of FMGE by conducting mock sessions and clinical trials.

Colleges follow a US-based curriculum.

Medical colleges in the Philippines follow the US-based education system. The Philippines was a US colony for almost 48 years, which led to various changes, including language and education. Moreover, a US-based curriculum allows students to practice medicine in the US in the future if they want to. Therefore, the medical education curriculum in the Philippines is greatly influenced by the curriculum followed in the USA. As a result of this, clearing the mandatory USMLE Exam becomes easy if they want to practice medicine in the United States. 

No language barrier to study MBBS in Philippines

When Indian students move to a different country, the language barrier is their foremost concern. Learning a different language can be difficult and time-consuming. Moreover, even after learning the new language, it can still be challenging to speak and understand people abroad fluently. However, the good news is that students do not need to learn a new language in the Philippines. 

The Philippines is one of the biggest English-speaking countries in Southeast Asia. Therefore, all the communication happens in English, so students can easily converse without any issue. Moreover, MBBS colleges in the Philippines also teach in English. Hence, it becomes feasible for students to interact with their peers, teachers during their course of MBBS in the Philippines.

Culture and climate are similar to India.

When students go to a different country, chances are the culture and climate will be completely different. In that case, adapting to such change can be difficult. But, not in the case of the Philippines. India and the Philippines fall under the exact latitudes of tropics to sub-tropics. Hence, the climatic pattern, resultant food crop, and the Philippines and India’s eating habits are identical. So, a student shifting to the Philippines does not face severe climatic differences.

In addition, the Philippines climate is similar to the Indian tropical climate. The high temperature, repressive humidity, and plentiful rainfall, Are similar to India The rainy season is June to November; the dry season is December to May. Hence, the diseases and other health issues in the Philippines are similar to those in India. So, throughout their MBBS in the Philippines, students will be trained regarding the same health conditions, treatments, and medicinal prescription as in MBBS in India. Moreover, if students want to practice medicine in India, they will be well prepared for that in advance.

Such similarities in climate and culture make Indian students get admission to MBBS in the Philippines.

Affordable fees and living costs

MBBS fee structure is one of the major concerns of Indian students, especially those belonging to low or middle-income families. It is challenging to pay such a massive amount for five years. In that case, the Philippines is a great choice. 

MBBS in Philippines is very cheap as compared to Indian MBBS. Study MBBS in Philippines is very low affordable ranging between 2.5 – 6 lakhs per year. Additionally, students can get accommodation easily which fits their budget. The living expenses in the Philippines are around 10000-15000 per month. Therefore, the cost of living and education for 5-6 years is comparatively low depending on the institute. 

Moreover, institutes provide several grants and scholarships for international students to make their studies more affordable. These scholarships greatly help students to get the best doctoral knowledge and expertise. Every college and university has different criteria for providing such financial assistance. 

Additionally, colleges and universities provide hostel accommodation for international students. These hostels are budget-friendly and help in reducing students’ living expenses. Moreover, hostels provide safety and security to its residents. 

Some more reasons to study MBBS in the Philippines

  • MBBS colleges in the Philippines do not ask for donations or capitation fees. Hence, every student gets an equal chance to pursue MBBS.
  • Philippines is an international travel hotspot and one of the busiest educational hubs. So, it attracts students all over the world. Hence, Indian students will meet people from across the world getting exposure to different cultures. 
  • All the classrooms are modern and have the latest technology. Moreover, the sessions are entirely interactive.
  • The hostels in Philippines colleges have Indian wardens to look after hostel students.
  • There is Indian food available in the hostel and college canteens. The entire food is made by following the Indian recipes. Moreover, there are many Indian restaurant in the philippines where students can eat their favourite Indian cuisine.