UV Gullas College of Medicine Philippines: Preferred Destination for Indian Students

UV Gullas College of Medicine Philippines: Preferred Destination for Indian Students

The Philippines is the hub of top-notch medical colleges that attract Indian students to pursue MBBS. But, among those institutes, UV Gullas college of medicine Philippines is the preferred institute. Why is that? If you are an Indian and wondering about the same question, then this article will help you. 

We will talk about the reasons behind such preferences of Indian students and help you make the right decision for your MBBS.

UV Gullas College of Medicine overview

The UV in the UV Gullas College of Medicine Philippines stands for the University of the Visayas. The University of the Visayas was established in 19191 in Cebu, Philippines, and is the oldest university of Cebu with a great heritage of 100 years.

UV Gullas Medical College is a part of the University of Visayas. In 2021, the college was ranked third among the top medical colleges in the Philippines. In addition, the College has received recognition from the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO). 

The college has over 400+ experienced doctors specializing in the different medicinal fields. Moreover, the college has tie-ups with five major hospitals in the Philippines to offer clerkships to students in their final year. 

Over the years, the UV Gullas Medical College has become the most preferred medicinal college for Indian students. The significant reasons are as follows:

Affordable medical studies

There is no doubt that pursuing MBBS can be costly and create a financial burden for students and their families. It is one of the reasons why students choose UV Gullas college of medicine. The Philippines MBBS fees for UVGCM is around 2.7 lakh per year which is affordable for everyone. Moreover, the college also offers scholarships to aid financial week students further. The college has a strict policy against any donations. Hence, every student gets an equal chance of getting admission and making their MBBS dream come true. 

High FMGE clearance 

UV Gullas College prepares students by conducting FMGE screening mock tests. Such mock tests help students prepare for FMGE. Hence, UV Gullas Medical College students rank in MCI screening tests with the highest pass percentage. The high clearance percentage makes UV Gullas College of Medicine the best choice as it is their license to practice medicine in India. 

Cultural diversity

UV Gullas College of Medicine is the top medical college in the Philippines that attracts students from worldwide. Students from India, Thailand, South Korea, Iran, Nepal, and the US pursue MBBS from the UV Gullas. Such diversity helps promote culturalism and provides students to connect with people from different nations, values, and experiences. 

Excellent infrastructure

The UV Gullas College of Medicine has a modern infrastructure with world-class amenities. These include extensive advanced laboratories, air-conditioned classrooms equipped with projectors. Additionally, the college has a digital and traditional library. Such amenities allow Indians to get access to modern technology and enhance their learning experience. Let’s look at these facilities in detail:

Digital classrooms

All the classrooms at UV Gullas are digitized with projectors. The teaching methods have also been made more technology-oriented. The teaching faculty uses a practical approach to teach medical concepts and make education an enriching experience. The classroom is made competent in the following ways:

  • Each classroom has projectors to display images, videos, slides, etc., during the lectures. These projectors make learning interactive and exciting for students and teachers.
  • There are smart boards that help store data. They are also touch-enabled, so it becomes easy to operate them.  
  • Air-conditioned rooms with in-built ventilation systems,
  • Spacious rooms furnished with quality furniture and other equipment.
  • Advances laboratories equipment

The labs at UV Gullas Medical college are equipped with the latest medical equipment to offer students to carry out experiments and hone their skills. Learning and practicing on these equipment help students retain the medical terms for a longer time. The latest pieces of equipment like microscopes, safety gadgets, etc., are available in the laboratory.

The UV Gullas Medical College Laboratory also has advanced learning equipment like an Anatomage Table, 3D Simulation Lab, and a good number of cadavers. In addition, students are supervised by experienced professional faculty members, helping them at each stage. 

Digitized libraries

UV Gullas College of medicine was the first college to establish a digital library. Apart from this, the college also has a traditional library. The college library has medicinal books, journals, magazines, publications, and research papers. Such a vast collection of reading material makes students choose UV Gullas college. 

With the digital library, students can get access to any study material right on their computer screen. This creates a hassle-free environment reducing the difficulty in finding a specific book. Besides, the college also has an E-Library or an Electronic Library, which allows students to study materials from the comfort of their homes. Such a modern digital library is less time-consuming and also helps in saving paper. In addition, the UV Gullas Medical College Library possesses comprehensive collections of current research and publications in medicine.

Affordable in-campus hostel facilities

Availability of affordable on-campus accommodation is the primary reason behind Indian students’ preference for UV Gullas. The college has hostel accommodation to ensure a safe and secure educational experience. In addition, there are separate hostels for boys and girls within the campus, making it easy for students to attend their classes. The hostel provides the following facilities to the students:  

24X7 CCTV surveillance

For every student and their parents, the security of their ward is of paramount importance. And it is essential if they are staying abroad in a hostel. To ensure the safety and security of the students and maintain discipline in the hostel buildings, the hostel building is covered with a CCTV camera, which provides 24*7 surveillance. Moreover, the hostel staff is highly systematic in their duties and performs routine security with due diligence. Additionally, there are security guards at the hostel building entrance who guard the hostel building 24*7.

Indian warden

The UV Gullas College of Medicine understands that students from India will feel safe and sound If they have someone from their country looking after them. That is why the hostel has an Indian warden for the students. With an Indian warden, students can feel more comfortable and can share their issues openly. This helps in creating a peaceful and cooperative environment.

Housekeeping and laundry services

The hostel has adequate housekeeping staff who clean the rooms and bathrooms on a routine basis to maintain an excellent hygienic atmosphere. In addition, they ensure proper mopping of the corridors, kitchen, study hall, and all the hostel buildings to avoid viruses and harmful bacteria. The whole staff is quite friendly, and students can ask them for cleaning whenever they like to. Moreover, there is also a Laundromat adjacent to the hostel at an affordable cost for medical students. Thus, students can get their laundry done at a reasonable cost. Moreover, we provided discounted prices for laundry when they showed their student id cards issued by the college.

Air-conditioned rooms

The hostel rooms are entirely air-conditioned to help students beat the summer heat. Students do not have to pay extra to avail air-conditioned rooms. 

Adequate ventilation

The weather in the Philippines is just like in India – summers are sweltering while winters are cold. The hostel building is designed to maintain a balanced temperature all year round. However, different issues can arise due to lack of proper ventilation during lousy weather, less air circulation, etc. The hostel is designed to allow the ais to pass seamlessly to ensure this does not happen.

Availability of pure drinking water

The UV Gullas hostel provides clean and safe drinking water for its students. The hostel has RO drinking water purifiers that provide non-contaminated, nutrient-rich water to the students 24*7. 

Wi-fi facilities

Since technology is advancing, the internet has become an indispensable part of a student’s educational journey. Medical students must have the internet to research, learn and access online study material. For this purpose, the hostel is equipped with Wi-Fi facilities and high-speed internet to eliminate any obstacles in students’ learning process. Hostel students can get access to Wifi passwords from the hostel warden and continue their studies. 

Indian food cooked using Indian recipes

The hostel has a canteen which provides both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The chef prepares meals three times a day by following hygiene practices. The chef prepares the meal as per the Indian recipes to make Indian students feel at home. Apart from that, In the evening ready-to-eat snacks such as tea, biscuits, etc. are also provided. The canteen also offers customization of menus for both the North Indian and the South Indian students.

24X7 medical staff availability

The hostel has professional and experienced medical staff who are available 24*7 to look after students. In addition, the medical team assists students during medical emergencies such as sickness, injury, etc. 

They ensure that the sick receive the proper care. Moreover, the medical staff also provides diet plans, emotional support, and counseling to students when they need it. The medical staff practices confidentiality to make students feel safe and comfortable while sharing their problems.